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Tour the NZ Coromandel Peninsula with images of the abundant natural beauty
The Coromandel Gold website highlights in images the natural beauty of the Coromandel Peninsula, a popular tourist and outdoor adventure spot in the North Island of New Zealand. All images copyright of the owner of 2006-2014

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3 Umu Cafe Has service. pizza, coffee and magazines. A coro classic under pressure of popularity of its own reputation. coffee food website
dining out on pizza
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2 Museum of Mines Old photos and rocks from the gold rush. also has the fire brigade band and marge moore exhibits history history website
coromandel 6
3 Kayak Adventures Fish from a sit on kayak inthe coromandel harbour fish Coromandel Kayak fishing
coromandel 32
2 Goldmine Experience Historic Thames goldfield working museum for educational tour of how thames was founded on mining. Historic Coromandel G gold, museum Coromandel Gold History website
thames 25
2 Mussel Kitchen A new-ish resturant country bar specialising in mussel dishes in marine farm to table environment. Rumoured to be openin mussel;dining;seafood Kitchen Website
coromandel, 309 40
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coromandel_geographiccoromandel NZ geographic locations
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Northern Coromandel Islands


Fishing and yacht cruising are popular in the Northern Coromandel Islands all year round. Just north of coromandel harbour, nz.

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thames coast nzthames coast nz
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Coromandel HarbourCoromandel Harbour
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Whangapoa to Mecury BayWhangapoa to Whitiange Mecury Bay NZ East Coast Coromandel
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